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Workshop with Master Ting

April 5th, 2009  Workshop

On April 5th 2009, Master Ting conducted workshops on the Fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan and Push Hands. These were held in two, four hour sessions. In the first session, Master Ting focused on the fundamentals necessary for successful Tai Chi practice. The basic Tai Chi principles, correct posture, centering, and fluid movement were all explored in depth in this stimulating session. The second session focused on Push Hands, the martial training for Tai Chi Chuan. Master Ting  introduced the fundamentals and training needed for push hands practice. Master Ting's clear and detailed training made this an exciting and fun session. 

Asian Arts would like to thank Master Ting and all those who participated. Judging by the response, everyone had good time and learned a lot. We look forward to having Master Ting visit us again.

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