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Workshops with Master Ting

October 1, 2011 Weekend Workshop

Fundamentals of Tai Chi:
In this workshop, Master Ting focused on the fundamentals necessary for successful Tai Chi practice.  The basic Tai Chi principles, correct posture, centering, and fluid movement were explored in depth in this excellent session.  Tai Chi practitioners of all levels and studying many styles found this class important stepping-stone to understanding and advancing their current level of practice.

Push Hands:
Push hands is the martial training of Tai Chi Chuan.  Practicing Tai Chi forms allows an individual to understand oneself, whereas push hands trains one to understand others.  During this workshop, Master Ting introduced the fundamentals and training needed for push hands practice. Participants that Master Ting's clear and detailed training gave them the tools to increase their understanding of push hands and to improve their practice.

Qigong is the stepping-stone to a more complete understanding of Tai Chi.  The focus of this session was the Wu Ji Jing Gong Qigong form.  Master Ting presented each Qigong movement with acute attention to detail, placing emphasis on correct posture, underlying principles, and the unity between the body and mind to achieve fluid movement and relaxation. Experienced practitioners found that this workshop helped to deepen their understanding of Qigong. For those who were new, the workshop proved to be an excellent introduction to the practice. It provided both the forms and basic concepts to begin building their practice.

Asian Arts would like to thank Master Ting and all of the weekend's participants. It your support, that makes these workshops possible. If you have any comments or suggestion regarding these workshops, please email them to us at

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