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Ms Yang Ying

For thousands of years, the Chinese have worked with the healing properties of music. In fact, the Chinese characters for music and happiness are one and the same. Six Healing Sounds Qigong is a combination of rhythmic meditative breathing, chanting, and silent respite. Ms. Yang Ying has created a unique music program to help teach, and deepen, the meditative experience of the ancient Six Healing Sounds Qigong.

Ms. Yang Ying was the featured solo instrumentalist for the National Song and Dance Ensemble, the premier traditional music troupe in China. A longtime Qigong practitioner, Ms. Yang has taught Six Healing Sounds Qigong at national tai chi events in the United States and at the Mayo Clinic/University of Chicago Annual Conference on Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Her first CD in the United States, Elixir: Music for Moving and Still Meditation was originally commissioned for Taiji and Qigong research. Ms. Yang is also a composer of contemporary world fusion music for jazz and orchestral ensembles.

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