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Master Ting

Master William Ting, or Ting, Kuo Piao as he is known in his native country, is originally from Shanghai, China.  He trained in the traditional style of classic Tai Chi, having studied as a closed-door student under one of the most renowned Tai Chi Grandmasters in China, Lu Ji-Tang.  Currently, Master Ting serves as the director of the Wu Ji Jing Gong Research Association of Shanghai, which was founded by his Teacher to promote the study and practice of Tai Chi primarily for health purposes.

Master Ting has studied and instructed Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Push Hands, Bagua, weapons, and other internal arts for more than 40 years.  For the past 25 years, he has conducted classes, seminars, and private lessons throughout the country.  Currently living in southern New Jersey, he maintains an extensive instructional schedule.  His mission is to share the pure art of Tai Chi Chuan with his students. To this end, he makes himself very accessible to students with a teaching style that translates esoteric theories of the Eastern classics to instructions and demonstrations that are readily adaptable to the individual.  In workshops, seminars and demonstrations, Master Ting forgoes teaching any particular style of Tai Chi, preferring instead to address the principles common to all Tai Chi forms. His instructional foundation includes balance, coordination, and body unity with emphasis on developing internal energy and calm, quiet awareness.  Known as a “Teacher’s teacher” because of his extensive knowledge and skill, he has the unique ability to communicate with practitioners at all levels.  Recently, he has been asked to participate in research studies on the effect of Tai Chi practice on disabilities found within aging populations.  Master Ting is the author of several articles featured in periodicals devoted to the Internal Arts and has published a book of Common Tai Chi Questions and Answers.  He is currently working on his next book while continuing his journey to teach awareness of Tai Chi throughout the country.

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