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Workshops with Master Ting

May 18 2013 Weekend Workshop

Bagua Fundamentals:


Bagua is classified as an internal martial art, along with Tai Chi. The primary feature of Bagua is a continuous, circular, walking technique that coordinates hands and feet together. While the motion is continuous, like a whirling tornado, the body should be balanced, flexible and stable. Master Ting introduced participants to the fundamentals and training needed for the practice of Bagua. This was an opportunity for novices to experience Bagua and for experienced players to improve their understanding of the art.



Qigong is a practice used to generate, circulate and maintain Qi (energy) in the body. Tai Chi practitioners need to have a good understanding of Qi to better understand and advance their practice of Tai Chi. In this session Master Ting presented each Qigong movement with attention to detail, placing emphasis on correct posture, underlying principles, and the unity between the body and mind to achieve fluid movement and relaxation.

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